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Trouble Shooting

I created a new code but I cannot build it

Sometimes cmake does not detect new codes being created and hence it does not automatically add the new file to the build targets. To fix this problem simply type

make rebuild_cache

I get tests called .svn that fail

This is not really a problem at all and only happens if you are using an svn version older that 1.7. If you want to get rig of these failed tests please update your version of svn and type

svn upgrade

XBalls Related problems (i.e. X11 installation which is only required for XBalls)

On my mac it finds X11 but xballs still does not work

This is only a problem if you upgraded your mac from OSX 10.8 to a version after 10.8. This would have required you to install XQuartz to get X11 to work. However, this leaves you will two versions of X11 installed and cmake find the old non working versions by default.

To fix this turn in cmake turn on advance mode click the X11 tab and change all the locations to start /opt/X11 not /local/X11 is will be currently stated.

X11_XRes_INCLUDE_PATH or X11_XRes_LIB not found

You are missing the X11_XRes library; in Ubuntu, you can install them by opening a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install libxres-dev

X11_XRt_INCLUDE_PATH or X11_Xt_LIB not found

You are missing the X11_Xt library; in Ubuntu, you can install them by opening a terminal and typing (note, both of these X11 libraries are required)

sudo apt-get install libxt-dev
sudo apt-get install libxpm-dev