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Mercury 0.11.1 Released

October 1st, 2018

MercuryDPM 0.11.1 was released on 1st October.

You can find the download instructions here:> Downloads -> 0.11

To upgrade a 0.11 version, that was checkout using svn simple type: 'svn switch ^/Release/0.11.1'

REQUIRED DRIVER CHANGES (to update from MercuryDPM 0.11)

No driver changes are required if you have previously used Mercury 0.11.


- If you are using the gcc compiler you will get compiler warnings that the deprecated keyword is unknown. You can ignore these warnings, or turn them off using -Wnoattributes


The following bug fixes have been applied:

1) SelfTests now work with both python2 and python3.

2) A mistake in the computation of the Hertz normal force has been patched: In the old version , the force was computed as f=4/3 E^* sqrt(2 R^* delta) delta, this has been corrected to f=4/3 E^* sqrt(R^* delta) delta

3) CubeInsertionBoundary has been patched: before the velocity was incorrectly set.

The following changes have been made:

1) Improved xballs parameters for Tutorial9.

2) HertzianViscoelasticSlidingFrictionSpecies has been defined as a new template species.

3) The script file loadstatistics.m has been added to Drivers/MercuryCG to plot results of MercuryCG in Matlab.

4) One new demo have been added and second update to explain how to use MercuryCG: MercurySimpleDemos/FiveParticles.cpp and MercurySimpleDemos/LeesEdwardsSelfTest.cpp